Ecological certification RO-ECO-018

Starting from April 2017, the company SC QUALITY NATURAL SRL received the certification based on the inspection made by Austria Bio Garantie GmbH Enzersfeld- Bucharest branch (RO-ECO-018) to manufacture and deliver ecological trout and ecological trout specialties. This is the first company from Romania that has such a certificate, taking also in consideration that it manufactures the only ecological certificated trout from the Central and South-Eastern Europe.

This recognition follows after a laborious process, that started more than a year ago, i.e significant investments and a continuous effort made by each employee and stakeholder.

Furthermore, the company having its social address and manufacturing laboratories in Valea Putnei, Suceava county assumed its role as a pathfinder in several directions, by defining a new category of products through its trout spreads and salads and directing itself, despite of the trends and customs of the food industry, to the artisanal manufacturing ways, that integrate the local tradition and the almost exclusive use of best-quality Romanian products.

The achieving of the ecological certification is a confirmation of the fact that the stakeholders honor their commitment to produce high-quality and clean products, unto the consumers that buy the VALEPUTNA specialties.

,,We are certain that the public who is interested in the BIO area has the capacity to see the oportunity of buying a Romanian product, 100% ecological, instead of the products from the import. The benefits of such a choice take account of the freshness, the recipe belonging to the Romaninan gastronomy, the purity of the place where is bred the trout and why not, even the solidarity for an entrepreneurial process that values the needs of the consumers.

The BIO range initiated new collaboration opportunities and was much welcomed by our partners because its release might have a major impact on the predictability and customizing of the orders, the decrease of the logistics- related expenses and obviously lower acquisition prices.

Taking in consideration that 95% of the BIO trout placed in the market is brought from Germany, we started a couple of discussions with the main speciality shops, the first contract being signed with Naturalia chain store.

Our target is to produce minimum 10% of our total products under the BIO certification, by positively adjusting this percentage depending on the figures registered in the export trade.

We encourage the existing players from the food market to take account of the opportunity given by the BIO range and to follow our example, declared the company’s administrator, Florin Irimescu.

The specialties from the BIO range can be bought starting with 1st November 2017 from Naturalia chain store under our VALEPUTNA premium brand.