Great Taste 2017 Award

"It is a simply great taste! Truly delicious!"

It's the description of Valeputna Smoked Trout made by the jury of specialists of the Great Taste, 2017 edition. Nor did it take two years since its launch in the market and 1 year since awarding the 2 Golden Stars Superior Taste Trutta Dux Trout Award, Quality Natural, a company located in Putna Valley, specialized in processing trout, passes a new international award:

1 Golden Star Great Taste Award 2017

"We are probably the youngest owner of this Oscar in the food industry. The youth, the combative and innovative spirit, together with the confidence that we are doing clean products of exceptional quality, have led us to compete this year. We competed in a market where we know that the smoke technique is an art, with an incredible density of remarkable products. We are back with satisfaction and look forward to preparing for the next destination. Great Taste jurors' testimonies sent a clear message both to Valeputna team and to our clients. Valeputna is a fine food brand, built around love for people and food. The specialties of Valeputna offer refined experiences and deserve the customer's trust.

I would add that we like the beautiful projects, which is why we are present from tomorrow in the food area of ​​the UNTOLD Festival. We welcome with open arms the visit of any gourmet! "Said Bobi Purda, Sales Manager of Quality Natural. Great Taste is undoubtedly the most important award of the British food industry, sponsored by Harrods, Irish Food Board, Burren Smokehouse, Diverse Fine Food, Cresco, Partridges London, Speciality & Fine Food Fair, etc. This year was judged by the blind tasting method of 12,366 products worldwide. British space is recognized for its high quality food, appetite for organic, organic products or BIO certified, being a market with an incredible concentration of restaurants in the Michelin Guide. Average fish consumption per year in the United Kingdom is 19 kg / per inhabitant compared to an medium consumption of 5.3 kg / per inhabitant in Romania.