How do I buy?

1.1 Online Order

a. Choose products

Using the menu, navigate through the virtual store. Once you have found a product you want to order, click on the "Add to Cart" button. If you want to buy more than one product of the same assortment, replace the number 1 with the number of pieces you want. The prices of the products displayed on the website include VAT and do not include the expenses related to the express transport to the address indicated by you!

b. Shopping cart

As you fill your basket, at the bottom of the page you will always see the purchases made. At this stage, you have the opportunity to review the list of products you want to order and renounce one or more of the ones originally chosen.

c. The carrier's choice

You can choose to deliver at preferential rates we make through Sameday or Cargus.

In the case of customers who have a contract or a preference for a particular courier company, we happily deliver them through the company agreed and indicated by them.

The cost of transport is calculated based on the total weight of the package, including packaging. In the case of remote locations, couriers charge extra for every mileage outside their operating area!

For the delivery abroad, the transport price is computed depending on the transport method choosen by the beneficiary.

d. Launching the order

To order the selected products, click the Send Order button. The order placement process takes place entirely at this stage by filling out a simple form that spans a single page. You will need to enter your billing, shipping address and phone number.
In case you want to create an account on, please tick the "Create an account" option on the payment page. Creating an account gives you the advantage of not rewriting the data from the standard form every time you order Valeputna products. Just enter the password and the form is loaded alone. If you want help from our team do not hesitate to contact us at 0786 528 061.

e. Confirming your order

A confirmation email is automatically sent to the address used to make the order.

1.2. Order by phone

Phone commands can be made on business days in the 9-15 hour range.
The phone number available for online sales is 0786 528 061.

1.3. Order by email

There is the possibility of making orders via email. In this case, please send all necessary information to: This will require a longer time for processing and shipping, and we recommend it only if the methods in either point 1 or 2 are not helpful.

Mandatory data for email order:
Name surname
Phone number,
Email Address
Full Delivery Address:
street, number, staircase, apartment, locality, county, post code.

2. Payment Methods

2.1. Payment at delivery

By choosing this payment method, you will pay the value of the ordered products together with the shipping costs upon receipt of the package. The money will be paid to the courier company representative who will hand over the package with Valeputna products.

2.2. Payment with Payment Order

You can make a payment for your order by bank transfer via a payment order.
If you opt for this form of payment please contact us by email or phone to confirm that your desired products are in stock or to send you a pro forma invoice.
The parcel will be dispatched after the money has arrived in our bank account.

Our company data is:

Quality Natural S.R.L
CUI: 27811152
REG COM: J33/752/2010
Strada Păstrăvăriei, nr. 135B
Loc. Valea Putnei, C.P. 727441
Comuna Pojorâta,
Jud. Suceava
IBAN: RO37BRDE340SV76318963400

3. Delivery Methods

Quality Natural S.R.L - ValePutna makes deliveries using express delivery services. The ordered products can reach you within 24-72 hours of order placement.

In the case of customers who have a contract or a preference for a particular courier company, we happily deliver them through the company agreed and indicated by them. On Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays no deliveries are made.

The prices of the products displayed on the website contain VAT and do not include transport costs up to the address indicated by you!