Our Story

Tradition and refinement

Pastrav afumat

from 1896

Our story begins somewhere far, in a village in the boulder mountains, where the green of the firs intertwines with the cruel blue of the sky, and where the springs are bracing their secrets. At that time, on Putna's water, lived in a hut, an old man and his wife, only by themselves.
No one crossed their threshold, no one knew their way of living.

One day they also heard that it was going to be a great hunt. The Lord himself, accompanied by many noblemen, was to come to Obcini, to the Castel, and he wanted to experience the hospitality of the locals.
They thought about for a while and found out how to greet the Lord:

With fish bathed in clear and clean water,
Which springs from the rock,
Sprinkled with salt,
Without whom the food does not taste,
In pine cones smoked,
Browned and tenderized
In fir tree with resin flavor
As “Cobza” bound,
With willow twigs,
Any bad thing to be cast off!

Pastrav craiesc

And the Lord gladly received the gift, much wondered, and rewarded them, and the words about the elders were spreaded all over the country and even further, from ancient times until nowadays
As we have learned, so we say it forward for ”cobza with trout” gives strength from the water of the mountain and the fir tree, from the pureness of the Obcini, and the spirit of the ancestors. Nowadays we, on the bank of Putna, under the old Giumalău, we work to cook the trout in the way enjoyed by the Lord.

Cobza cu pastrav

About us

Our company, Quality Natural SRL, has its headquarters in the heart of Bucovina, Valea Putnei village and manufactures trout specialties.
The factory continues the local tradition of trout processing by smoking. It is built with European funds and has the best German technology.

Valeputna, the Premium brand under which we sell our products, is a tribute to the first trout farm from Romania - founded here in 1896 under the name of "Valeputna Fischbruthutte" – and to the artisans to whom we owe the secrets of the smoking recipe.

In Valea Putnei, it was invented the local delicacy known as Cobza, trout smoked with fir cones and beechwood, packed up afterwards in fir-tree branches and tied in hazel twigs.
The story says that it was invented in 1927 on the occasion of a party at the Royal Castle in Poiana Iţcani (from Valea Putnei) in honour of the Crowning of His Majesty, King Mihai.


Today, in the building of the wooden factory, we respect the promise made to our forefathers and manufacture the best trout, a perfect trout!
Our policy is to work with the highest quality raw materials, to integrate into what we make as much local resources as possible and to keep our products 100% pure, natural, without additives and improvers.

Valeputna's specialties include the trout smoked after the local recipe, marinated trout slices kept in various sauces, smoked trout stored in vegetable oil, trout spreads and salads.
Valeputna products enjoy the appreciation of the most famous chefs in Romania and are both in the menu of prestigious hotel chains as well as in luxury shops.


1. Golden Star Great Taste Award, UK, 2017, for the trout smoked with beechwood, fir cones and juniper seeds. “It is a simply great taste! Truly delicious!” This is the description given to Valeputna smoked trout, by the jury of specialists from Great Taste.

2. Golden Stars Superior Taste Award, Bruxelles, 2016, for Trutta Dux spread. It is made baesd on a unique recipe which includes trout smoked with beechwood, fir cones and juniper seeds, mixed with local cream cheese, sour cream and spices.

3. Silver Award granted by MONDE SELECTION, International Quality institute, Valencia 2018 for Trutta Dux spread.

4. A’Design Award for Smoked trout packaging, Museo del Design, Italia, 2021 for Vale Putna branding design.

5. Ecological certification RO-ECO-018 for the manufacturing and distribution of organic trout and organic trout specialties, issued by Austria Bio Garantie GmbH Enzersfeld- Bucharest branch (RO-ECO-018), according to the contract concluded in April 2017 with the previously mentioned certification unit.

Because we are committed to providing quality products to our customers, we have the ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 certifications.