Superior Taste 2016 Award


A Romanian product won 2 stars of the Superior Taste Award at the 2016 session of the International Taste & Quality Institute, based in Brussels.

The most prestigious award in the Gourmet products industry was awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi, based in Brussels, of the Trutta Dux smoked trout patrol held by the Valeputna brand. The award-winning Superior Taste Award with the Golden Star Award for the 2016 Award-winning Trout Product Honors Us!

Superior Taste Award 2016 is a new tab of the Valeputna story! The most prestigious award in the Gourmet products industry was awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi, based in Brussels, smoked trout, Trutta Dux. The award-winning Two Star Gold Award Award for the Only Trout Awarded Awarded Trophy in 2016 honors us and confirms that we have chosen our way right! With the belief that we can make a Perfect Trout, we began our journey six months ago, surrounded by clear waters, fir trees, beautiful people and traditions, in our little manufacture in Putna Valley.

We promised to make only remarkable products, unique in taste and composition! Contributing daily to feed our children and our customers, we are extremely concerned that they are healthy, natural and clean! Compared with the market's use, Valeputna's labels are far from being a chemistry lesson. Our labels are proof of respect for the customer!

We chose to be innovative from tradition, to use the best trout, to swim against the current. We chose to play the quality book at the expense of the volume. We chose to go along with our customers, communicate authenticly, and let ourselves be overwhelmed by the beauty of adventure and destination. Being the only entity in Romania that has a trout processing unit and the only entity in the industry to receive such a distinction, we are obliged to set and maintain standards to the promise made to us and our customers.

"The white check offered by them has brought us to the point where we want to overcome our own achievements. Because Superior Taste Award is basically a breakthrough process and not a contest! Thanks to Clients Valeputna !! "said Bobi Purda, Sales Manager.

The tasting of the products on the ITQI test is done by the trained senses of the 260 chefs and someliers, the hedonistic pleasure (the highest weight in the final assessment), as well as other criteria such as appearance, smell, texture, taste. Product evaluation is done without knowing its provenance, brand or country of origin. The product is presented without packaging and no other identification.

Jury members are elected from 15 culinary and sommelier European associations:

— the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France

— Academy of Culinary Arts

— Hellenic Chefs' Association

— Académie Culinaire de France

— Verband der Köche Germania

— Federación de Asociaciones de Cocineros de España

— Federerazione dei Cuochi Italiana

— Årets Kock of Sweden

— Euro-Toques

— Gilde Van Nedrlandse Meesterkoks

— Associação de Cozinheiros Profisionais de Portugal

— Craft Guild of Chefs

— Turkish Cooks Association

— World Master Chefs Society

— Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI)

These jurists, carefully chosen by iTQi and partner organizations, have been trained for food tasting for many years. They exerted their profession in Europe and countries and regions such as Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, North, South and Central America.

Juries are chosen for:

  • extensive tasting practice;
  • unanimously recognized talents as chefs or somelists by guides such as Michelin or Gault Millau;
  • exceptional experience, ability to describe the gustatory characteristics of food and beverages;
  • the ability to suggest potential improvements based on sensory analysis that is the essence of their profession.

The jury was among others:

— Fausto Airoldi — director Word Association of Chiefs
— Jacky Chartier — Executive Chef Hilton Hotel Brussels
— Mario Engbers — Executive Chef Verband der Köche Deutschland
— Philippe Faure-Brac — Best Somelier of the World -1992-
— Mary O'Callaghan — Chairman Irish Guild of Somellies
— John Retallick— World Master Chef Society
— John Williams — Ritz Hotel London & Executive chairman of the Academy of culinary Arts
— Alan Coxon — BBC chef UK
— Gerard Dupont — presedinte Academie Culinaire de France
— Pedro Larumbe Gorraitz — Executive Chef Federación de Asociaciones de Cocineros de España
— Jean Pallanca — presedinte Association Monegasque de Somellierie
— Michel Blanchet — presedinte Maitres Cuisiniers de France
— Michele D'Agostino — Director Federazione Italiana Cuochi
— Xavier Faber — Best Somellier de Belgium
— Miltos Karoubas— Executive Chef Hellenic Chefs' Association
— Paulo Jorge Tavares— presedinte Associação de Cozinheiros Profisionais de Portugal
— Giuseppe Vaccarini — president Asociation de la Sommelerie Internationale, Italy

This scenery, full of personalities with impeccable gowns, grimaces and sophisticated gestures, can be scary. For us there is a field in which we have stepped and going every day, convinced that in each of them there is a possible customer Valeputna and in every client Valeputna there is the potential of a great bite or sommelier! Awarding the Superior Taste Award award with two gold stars to the Trutta Dux patent confirms the superior quality of the products marketed under the Valeputna brand and once more, at international level, the potential of the Romanian food industry and products, this qualification being awarded in the past to Magiunul de Topoloveni, as well as Luna Solai cold pressed oils. Trutta Dux consists of smoked trout in a unique manner using beechwood, fir cones and juniper berries, mixed later with Bio cheese cream and a special mix of spices. Smoked trout is inspired by the traditional 200-year-old smoking method, originally used in the Putna Valley, and then spread throughout the area generally called Bucovina Obcines. We thank the team for this really great achievement! Valeputna is the brand under which SC Quality Natural SRL, located in Valea Putnei, Pojorata commune, Suceava County sells its products. Under the same name, the following trout specialties are marketed: smoked trout, smoked trout, trout range in sauces (Păstrăv Mănăstiresc, Păstrăv Vânătoresc, Păstrăv Pădurean), smoked trout kept in aromatized oil (Păstrăv Crăiesc) and smoked trout pasta range (Trutta Dux, Trutta Rex, Trutta Princeps, Trutta Primus), and the salad of smoked trout (Descântat, Năvalnic, Sorocitu’, Sburătorul).

At this moment their distribution is made at national and international level:


Suceava - Iasi

Neamt - Bacau

Bistrita - Cluj

Mures - Brasov

Sibiu - Hunedoara

Arad - Arges

Constanta – Bucuresti








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